Terrorism Incidents Database

CDISS Terrorism Programme


Few countries in the world have not suffered from terrorist violence over the past six decades. Domestic and international terrorism is now at the top of the agenda for most nations.

In 2001, major attacks occurred in New York and Washington, killing thousands and injuring many more.

Terrorist access to or use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) poses significant risks to population centres around the world.

The CDISS Terrorism Programme aims to identify major trends in international political violence. Every year sees the birth of new terrorist groups or the use of new tactics by well established groups so the programme endeavours to follow these developments, explaining the background to currently active terrorist groups, their objectives, tactics and weapons, as well as commenting on emerging trends.

An area of particular interest is the increasing linkage between terrorist groups in different parts of the world. State backing for terrorist groups continues to be a major problem.

New developments in counter-terrorism tactics, procedures, weaponry and equipment are also kept under review by the programme.

Tim Ripley is available to comment to the media on terrorism issues on behalf of CDISS.


The CDISS Terrorism Programme maintains a database of major terrorist incidents around the world, which is available below on this Web Page.

The database lists selected incidents from 1945 (after the end of World War 2) through 2004. These collected incidents provide a snapshot of the wide-range of terrorist attacks and political violence experienced worldwide since World War II.

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