Archived Articles

Archived Articles

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• Sunday Telegraph RAF Afghan bombing missions


• Sunday Telegraph Gulf arms sales surge (PDF) 


• Allied Chain of Command Libya Theatre
22nd March 2011 (PDF)

• Libya Crisis NATO and Coalition Air Deployments
22nd March 2011 (PDF)

• Allies Launch SEAD Campaign over Libya
Jane’s Defence Weekly, 21st March 2011 (PDF)

• UK looks to extend Nimrod R.1 service
Jane’s Defence Weekly, 16th March 2011 (PDF)

• Western militaries conduct NEO missions out of Libya
Jane’s Defence Weekly, 4th March 2011 (PDF)

Ukraine 2014: Russian armour on the Ukraine border.
Ukraine 2014: Russian armour on the Ukraine border.

Ukraine Crisis 2014

• Operation Donbas
30th May 2014

• Operation Crimea ’14 Update 
18th March 2014 (PDF)

• Ukraine-Russia Military Stand Off
18th March 2014 (PDF)

• Ukrainian Armour Moves to Border with Russia
IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly – 17th March 2014 (PDF)

• Russian Artillery Moves to Crimea
IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly 14th March 2014 (PDF)

Flight International

• Battle Proven
Flight International 19/8/03

• The Lost Years
Flight International 21/10/03


• Jane’s Defence Weekly articles reproduced with permission from Jane’s Information Group

• British Peace Suppor Operations in Iraqt
Jane’s Defence Weekly 4/2/04

• Datalink system helps Royal Navy police Middle East waters
Jane’s Defence Weekly 24/1/04

• Eurofighter release to service still a national responsibility
Jane’s Defence Weekly 9/4//04

• Multi-nationalnaval force guards Iraq’s oil exports
Jane’s Defence Weekly 3/12/03

• UK spearheads NATO reinforcements to Balkans
Jane’s Defence Weekly 24/3/04


• Secret Plans for Trident replacement
The Scotsman 9/6/04

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