Terrorsim Incidents 1940 – 1949


October 31

Jewish terrorist offensive against British rule in Palestine begins, with a wave of bomb attacks on police vehicles, railway sites and Haifa oil refinery. One policeman, one soldier and two railway workers killed.

November 27

Eight British soldiers killed in bomb attack on police station Jerusalem, Palestine, in Jewish Irgun terrorist attack.


January 7

Three American civilian officials killed when Nazi “Werewolf” terrorists burn down their house in Passau, Germany.

March 11

Iranian scholar Amhed Kashravi stabbed to death by Fedayyan-e eslam guerillas in Iran.

July 22

Ninety people killed and forty five wounded after Jewish terrorists blow up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, Palestine, which was home to British government and military offices. The terrorists held workers at pistol point while they planted the explosives in the basement of the hotel.

September 30

One US soldier killed when ambushed by terrorists at Fort McKinley, Philippines.

October 31

British embassy in Rome, Italy, wrecked by two bombs in suit cases left by Jewish Irgun terrorists. No casualties.


July 12

Jewish Irgun terrorists kidnap and then hang two British Army sergeants. The terrorists were trying to secure the release of three Irgun members who had been sentenced to death by the British authorities in Palestine.

September 29

Jewish Irgun terrorists bomb police station in Haifa, Palestine, killing four British and four Arab policemen, as well as two Arab civilians. Forty six people injured.

December 3

Train derailed near Arras, France, by Communist terrorists killing twenty and injuring forty.

December 12

Twenty Arabs, five Jews and two British soldiers killed and thirty wounded in Jewish terrorist bomb attacks on buses in Haifa and Ramleh, Palestine. British mandate to rule Palestine ends on 15 May 1948; state of Israel established.

December 29

Jewish Irgun terrorists throw grenades from passing taxi into café near the Damascus gate, Jerusalem, Palestine, killing eleven Arabs and two British policemen.


January 30

Indian independence leader and statesman Mahatma Gandhi shot dead in Dehli, India, by Nathuram Vinayak Godse.

March 7

Two American diplomats murdered by Viet Minh terrorists in Saigon, Indochina.

March 11

Headquarters of the Jewish Agency, Jerusalem, Palestine, destroyed by Arab car bomb killing thirteen and injuring eighty four.

April 9

Jewish Irgun terrorist group attacks Deir Yassim, Palestine, murdering two hundred and fifty four Arab women and children captured in the remains of the village.

Bomb explodes near US embassy in Bogota, Colombia, during Organisation of American States conference.

May 8

American CBS correspondent George Polk murdered by three communists in Salonika, Greece, after he was lured to a meeting on a boat in the city’s harbour. His body was dumped in the sea.

July 22

Pro-peace activist Stephen J Supina, drops home made dynamite bomb on United Nations headquarters in New York, United States. No damage caused and he later surrenders to the authorities.

September 17

United Nations mediator in Palestine, Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte, murdered by Jewish Stern gang extremist in Jerusalem, Palestine, who fired at point blank range through window of his official car.


December 3

British governor of Sibu, Sarawak, Duncan George Stewart, stabbed to death by anti-British Malayans in North Borneo.

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