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Syrian ConflictSyrian Soldiers - 2016

Syria At War – April 2017 Briefing (PDF)

Briefing April 2017: Assad’s Air Force (PDF)

The Syrian Air Force has been an independent service in the Syrian armed forces since its formation in 1948 but is distinct from the Air Defence Force, which controls Syria’s network of air defence radars and surface‐to‐air missile batteries.

2016 Analysis: Russia’s military intervention in Syria, one year on (PDF)

While Moscow’s battlefield support for the Assad regime in Syria has almost certainly prevented the latter’s military collapse, what else has the involvement of Russian forces in the country achieved? Tim Ripley reports

Read Tim Ripley’s 2015 articles on the Syrian intervention from Jane’s Defence Weekly

Defence Cuts

• Revealed: the huge gaps in UK defences (The Times)

• Shrunken army fears Russia could destroy it in an afternoon (The Times)

• MOD helicopter troops put troops in peril – Daily Telegraph (PDF)

Ukraine Crisis 2014


Ukraine 2014: Russian armour on the Ukraine border.
Ukraine 2014: Russian armour on the Ukraine border.

• Operation Donbas (PDF)

• Operation Crimea ’14 Update – March 2014

• Ukraine-Russia Military Stand Off – March 2014

Background Features

• UK Air Arms Aircraft and Helicopter inventory 2007 (PDF) 


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• German War Machine

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