Operation Deliberate Force: Reviews

Operation Deliberate Force - Promo“Fascinating Stuff”

– Rob Scott, Sunday Post Newspaper review, October 1999

“I must say I found the book an extra-ordinary record of events and a real tour de force”

– Chris Horrocks, Soldier Magazine 

“It reads well, covers the ground and unlike some distinguished and recently published autobiographies by politicians, it tells the real story.”

– Paul Beaver, Jane’s Information Group spokesman

“In Operation Deliberate Force, Tim Ripley has assembled through a remarkably extensive set of candid interviews with central military and political players in the Bosnian tragedy, a deeply-depressing catalogue of the new limits to diplomacy and military strategy … that many of those involved might prefer was not told.”

– Nik Gowing (Diplomatic Editor, Channel Four News 1989-96 – see Nik’s Foreword to the book

Reviews In Full

• Air Forces Monthly
Reviewed by Alan Dawes in Air Forces Monthly Magazine, January 2000 edition

• Defence Analysis journal

Posted February 11th, 2000. Editor, Professor Martin Edmonds

• The Economist

20th November 1999

“Endless Appeasement”

Review by Mark Thompson in the Journal Survival, published by the
International Institute of Strategic Studies

The Gunner (The journal of the Royal Artillery)

by Alan Brigadier Dick Applegate

• Military Comments

Comments on Operation Deliberate Force by Military personnel

• Soldier Magazine

Paul Beaver, spokesman for Jane’s Defence and chairman of the Independent Defence Media Association, London

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