Operation Deliberate Force: Chapters

Operation Deliberate Force: UN and NATO campaign in Bosnia 1995

Bosnia bound. A US Navy F-14 Tomcat lifts off from the USS America. Photo: Tim Ripley
Bosnia bound. A US Navy F-14 Tomcat lifts off from the USS America. Photo: Tim Ripley

Chapter List

Main Chapters …

2. Calm before the Storm: The lull in the Bosnian war during the winter of 1994-94
3. No Orders: The vacuum at the heart of UN and NATO policy in Bosnia
4. Long War: Bosnian, Croat and Serb military strategies and forces
5. The Rise of Holbrooke:
The chaos at the heart of the Clinton administration’s Bosnia policy
6. Back to War: The war re-ignites in May 1995 after Croat and Bosnian offensives
7. To the Brink: The May Hostage crisis
8. Forming the Rapid Reaction Force: The British and French military response
9. War and Sacrifice:
The failed Bosnian offensive to free Sarajevo and the fall of Srebrenica
10. The War Spreads: Bihac and Zepa are engulfed by war
11. The London Conference: Western leaders threaten air power
12. Deliberate Force, The Plan:
How UN and NATO military commanders built the airpower threat.
13. On to Igman: The move of the UN Rapid Reaction Force to the gates of Sarajevo
14. Operation Storm: Croatia clears the Krajina of Serbs in a wave of ethnic cleansing
15 “Tell them to Stop”:
The collapse of Serb defences and the start of the US peace initiative
16. Clearing the Decks: The moves to get the British garrison out of Srebrenica
17. Agreeing the Plans: The UN and NATO finalise their military plans
18. Countdown to Battle: The last days before
19. The Trigger: How a mortar attack in Sarajevo triggered the war
20. Air Strike Sarajevo: The first waves of NATO bombing
21. Inflicting Pain: Increasing the intensity of the bombing
22. Operation Mistral 2: Croatia attacks
23. “Bomb them back to the Drina”: Bosnia Serb defence collapse after NATO
destroys their key communications towers
24. Holbrooke Makes a Deal: How the US peace envoy brokered the end of the
bombing and lifting of the siege of Sarajevo
25. The Battle for Banja Luka: The final battles of the war
26. The End of the Bosnian War: An assessment of the final year of the conflict.


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